What is open source software?

When you think about free software or free option for day-to-day use, No proprietary software’s are free. They may have free & paid options but never completely free but open source software is completely free software for the public. Even you can view source code or make changes as per your requirement (if needed). So, Let’s understand what is an open source software?

Source code is the set of rules that make software or software modules. If you are computer programmer so you better know what is source code but if not never mind.

Why OSS is useful for users?

Open source software allows programmers to improve the software quality by finding bugs/errors in the code and update software easily into new technology. They can also add some new functionality in future. If a large developer’s community works on any OSS, it will worth. They fix bugs easily.

What is open source software

Open Source Software is Part of day to-day life

OSS is a part of our day to-day life. You may use your cell phone or tablet to read blogs or other news through any open source platform. Even Android or IOS both were developed from OSS project and modules. Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser that you may use in your tablet or PCs daily.

In fact, internet is nothing without OSS. Open source software makes internet easy to use and user friendly. Even I am using wordpress, a open source CMS for bloggers and website designers.

Apache web servers are OSS programs that process a request for a certain webpage (for example, if you click on a link for a website you’d like to visit) by finding and taking you to that webpage. Apache web servers are open source and are maintained by developer volunteers and members of the non-profit organization called the Apache Software Foundation.

below are some great open source software examples:

Open source is recreating and reshaping our technology and our daily lives in ways we often don’t realize. The global communities of programmers who contribute to open source projects continue to grow the definition of OSS and add to the value it brings to our society.

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