Social Networking Sites are major resource in terms of business expansion or personal engagement with others. You can promote your business brand or a person on the internet. These are the great platforms and they are really easy to use. They offer paid advertising options but they can be affordable.

You can promote your business easily with the help of social networking sites in 2019.

TOP 5 Social Networking Sites in 2019

To make it easy for you and your business, I shortlisted top 5 social networking sites. I understand, you all know very well about these social networks. Let’s begin…

Social Networking Sites
Social Networking Sites

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In my list, Facebook is in 1st place. Facebook completed its 12 active years and it is suffered by around 1.60 billion active users daily. It has around 1.5 million small and medium -size businesses enterprise users who are using the platform to advertise their business.

FB has advertiser friendly eco-system. You can advertise as per demographics, gender specific and also age specific. I personally uses it and it gives me a value. As compared with Google’s adwords program, It is much easier and value for money. As per my opinion this is the best social networking site.


YouTube is the video platform for artists. You can broadcast yourself. In 2017, YouTube is the most used search engine in India. People like watching videos. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It was founded in 14th Feb 2005. It is most used social networking site for year 2017. Organizations can create short product videos to promote their brand. You can see many organizations are using this method and they are getting positive results.


After Facebook, I personally like Google+ for SEO purpose. You can create your own community or can join other communities. If you want to promote your product or blog post, it is the right place. As we know it is the Google’s product and Google give it more value compared with other social media platforms. There is no need to register yourself with Google +. You just need a valid Gmail email id. If you are a blogger, I personally recommend you for blog SEO.


WhatsApp is the messenger application. You can use it on cross platforms. WhatsApp is also available for PCs. You can easily connect with your friends & family members easily with it. Also it gives you a power to promote your business to targeted customers. You just need a mobile number that already register with WhatsApp. You can use it to promote your brand in your WhatsApp circle.


Twitter is in 5th position reason it has high advertising rates as compared with other social media networks like Facebook. It has over 350 million active monthly user who uses it for his 140 characters. Now you can add videos, images along with 140 character value. It has founded 21 March 2006.

These are the top 5 social networking sites that I uses for my business promotion as well as I strongly recommend to my readers who want to use it for branding. I hope that this article added some value.

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