Best Alternate of Windows OS – An Open Source Operating System

Open Source operating systems are released under a license where the copyright holder allows others to study, change as well as distribute the software to other people.

You can save your money if you use the free operating system for your laptop or PC. They are free to use as well as modified. You know that Windows, Mac or other operating software are paid. Here I am listing best open source OS that you can use on your computer system. It may be a desktop or laptop.

You can use these all operating systems similarly as Windows OS.

List of Best Open Source Operating Systems


Open Source Operating System
Open Source Operating System

Ubuntu is based on Linux OS. It is the most efficient Open Source Operating System.

It was developed by a group of developers who are located worldwide.

Ubuntu is very fast and also feature-rich. It includes software such as messenger, web browser, office suite etc.

It is the best alternative of Windows as well as Mac. It is the most used operating system that was developed under Linux environment.

Ubuntu works on Debian architecture. As per the expert’s suggestion – It is very good for old laptop and desktops.

It supports lot of build-in software like Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Firefox, F-spot etc. It can be compatible with desktop and laptop interface.

Ubuntu supports almost every hardware and it does not require any addition driver to communicate with hardware parts.

It supports two forms -non-LTS (Long Term Support) and LTD.

Keep in Mind: Ubuntu supports GNOME based desktop. It is not available in the unity-based desktops.

Linux Lite

As the name suggests – Linux Lite works on lower end hardware. It is also a free open source operating system. It provides all the necessary programs, functionalities, tools.

Linux Lite provides a simple and easy interface to user. This operating system is stable and developer provides regular updates. It also does not require any additional driver installation against any hardware.

I recommend this open-source operating system if you want to use a lightweight OS in your PC.


Fedora is designed by the Fedora Project community and supported by RedHat. It is another very popular Linux based Open Source Operating System.

Open Source Operating System
Open Source Operating System

This is the best operating system after ubuntu.

Fedora’s mission is to provide best technology for free. Developers make changes exclusively for Fedora.

Fedora works on GNOME-based desktop. It can be customized. You can modify and execute user interface as well as a desktop environment.

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Linux Mint

Linux Mint supports multimedia and provides an easy user interface. It is also a Linux based open source operating system. It is on Ubuntu OS. Mint is very popular among amateurs and experts.

Mint uses Debian architecture and offers better visual aesthetics than ubuntu.


Solus is newly developed open source operating system. It was created in 2012. It has more than 7000 users who are taking benefits of this OS. It is completely free OS.

Solus include VLC, Open Shot video editor, Thunderbird, LibreOffice suite, Firefox etc. Its pre-loads java and flash plugins.


If you are using old XP machines, so Xubuntu is the best choice for you. It is Unix based and works on XFCE desktop environment.

It is completely different from Ubuntu. It also contains GNOME compositor.

Chrome OS

It was developed by Google and partly Chrome OS is an open source operating system. It has good features. Chrome OS is the part of chromium and Linux, that helps to enhance security and support.

It runs Android apps, chrome apps, google cloud print and virtual desktop access.

Keep in mind: It only supports nexus devices.

React OS

My all-time favorite OS is React OS, it is completely free open source operating system. More than 1 million downloads in 100+ countries.

OS is React OS, it is completely free open source operating system. More than 1 million downloads in 100+ countries.

It is developed by a community and it has ability to run Windows applications smoothly So it is a great alternative of Windows OS.

If you need highly customize OS, choose React OS.


Cosmos is an open source operating system which is written mostly in C# language. It stands for C-sharp Open Source Managed Operating System.

Cosmos allows other developers to build own open source operating system.

It also hide the inner working of hardware due to data abstraction feature of C#.


DOS was developed by IBM for its systems. It is free and open source. It provides an environment to run legacy software and embedded systems.

Open Source Operating System
Open Source Operating System

You can boot is from a floppy disk or USB drive.

It is licensed under GNU general public license, so it does not require any fee for its distribution and changes.


Genode is completely free as well as an open source operating system. It works on microkernel layer.

It does not derive from a licensed OS such as Unix.

Genode can be used in computers and tables.

It is also used as a base for virtualization, inter-process communication, software development etc. as it has a small code system.

Ghost OS

Ghost open source operating system is a free OS developed for personal computers. It started as a research project and developed for graphical user interface.

It supports multitasking and multiprocessing. It runs on Ghost Kernel. It supports programming in C++.

These are the best open source operating systems that can be preferred as alternatives to the paid operating systems like Mac or Windows.

The list contains a good blend of power and features. Therefore, try them and tell us if you like them in the comments below.

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