I have picked this question from Quora.com, personally I like this question. No. of times writer do same mistake to save their efforts and they copy content from other website sources. Actually this is also the part of on page SEO tip.

Copying content bad impact in on-page SEO Tip

When we publish a content that is already published in other blogs, it directly affect our Google page rank.

I personally recommend all, you can take a reference to different books, blogs and websites to get info for that particular post but do not copy and paste paragraph directly from a blog or other sources.

Try to write a content that is unique, no one published on same manner.

Always keep in mind, once you write any blog post, actually you are providing any solution or service to your readers and it should be complete as well as worth for reader.

This will improve your Google ranking as well as reader will love your post and bookmark for future.

OK, So do not copy content from other source directly.

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