JPEG full form in computer and its Features

Hello guys, mostly we all use JPEG files once in a day. It might be a mobile phone selfie editing or sending images in WhatsApp. Do you know that these are JPEG file? So, let’s understand the full form of JPEG or JPEG full form.

JPEG full form
JPEG full form

Before I tell you the full form of JPEG, let’s understand the meaning and benefits of JPEG.

It is the standard method of compressing your graphic images. .jpg or .jpeg is the commonly used image file extension.

JPEG or jpg stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. It is a joint working group of International standardization organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is used to reduce the image file size.

As I already mentioned you that JPEG is used to send images on the internet. It supports a maximum images size of 65535X65535 px.

JPEG file supported on WWW (World Wide Web) with suffix .jpg.

Algorithm of JPEG file compression works on photographs and painting of realistic scenes. JPEG is the most common format used by digital cameras.

Most of the time, JPEG does not work well for sharp textual or iconic graphics. These images work better on TIFF, GIF, PNG and raw image format.

Important features of JPEG

  • JPEG was developed by Joint Photographic Experts Group.
  • It can be converted to many formats.
  • Mostly used extensions for JPEG format is: .jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .jif.
  • JPEG compresses an image into a stream of bytes and can also decompress back into an image. JPG standards specify the codec which defines how the image is compressed into a stream of bytes and decompressed back into an image.
  • The data format is independent of resolution, image contents and aspect ratio.
  • The JPEG scheme has 29 distinct coding processes.
  • JPEG file format is specified in ISO standard 10918.

Hope that you understand the abbreviation of JPEG/jpg files.

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