Many readers are asking me by email or in comment section – How to start a blog in India/other countries that make real money.

It is very easy to think

OK let’s start a blog and earn some decent money as others are making.

But Is it really easy to earn some decent money by a blog?

Here I will teach you to step by step how to start a blog in India and outside and make a decent income within 15 Months.

Please read this article completely… I am not demotivating you. I always respect your views.

But I want to show you all the hurdles they push you back so that you can easily overcome and make a real profitable blog –

1. Registering a Domain Name

First step is registering your domain name with .com, .net or .org extensions. They are good for any blog, you may choose a domain name with country specific domain extensions like .in, .uk etc.

You can register your domain name through Go Daddy or Name cheap.

2. Buy Hosting

When your first step will complete, choose any hosting provider company to buy hosting for your domain. GoDaddy also provides the hosting for the blog. You can check their plans.

Finally, you purchased a domain name and hosting. It’s time to install WordPress and try for some customization work (if required).

3. WordPress Installation

Now, WordPress installation has been completed. Choose a feature-rich WordPress theme. It will help you to customize your blog design and features.

4. Theme Installation

I recommend you to buy a Genesis child theme with the framework. Genesis framework is a paid option, if you are looking for a free, so I suggest you use the WordPress default themes. Don’t install a free theme from any third-party websites. They may contain malicious code. It will affect your blog speed.

How to Start a Blog in India

5. Blog Design

Approx. 5 working day to set up your blog completely. It may be a theme design customization, plugin install, Google Analytics Tracking, Search Console submission etc.

6. Blog Social Media Presence

I personally recommend you to make around 3 social media platform to engage with your audience and be active once in a day and it’s good if you plan any fixed time for each social media platform.  It can be Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Don’t forget to install social sharing plugin in your blog. It will help you to promote your content in the social media sites.

7. Make a money-making machine

Design your complete money-making channel means you should create a complete path of how you will earn money with this blog.

I have seen many bloggers who are not focusing on any money-making channel.

You can earn money by Affiliate Links, Ads, Sponsor Products or it may be your own products/services.

Keep in mind, if you want to sell your own products or services So I personally recommend you do not put any third-party ads in your blog. It will convert your audience into others website or blog.

And also, these ads are not good for user experience in blog.

8. SEO Strategy

Everyone knows that if they crafted any product and don’t put that product in display or advertisement – no one knows about this. So, make an SEO strategy that boosts your blog ranking in SERP. Choose the Yoast plugin for on-page SEO. This is the best plugin for WordPress and it is compatible with Genesis framework too.

Its time to write some pillar post for your blog

Pillar post is nothing special but they are approx. 5 times bigger than normal post and they are reference guide relevant to your product/services or any affiliate program that you want to sell to your audience.

“Pillar post needs a deep study of product or affiliate program with some testimonials- It helps the reader to choose that product easily.”   

My personal opinion – Put at-least 5 pillar post and 50 articles in your blog within a first 6 months and submit these all for indexing in search engines.

9. Big Mistakes that all new bloggers do

“I am asking – all my readers who are new in blogging – Can it possible to sell a product without displaying to anyone?

Maybe if you are lucky and this product is seen by the buyer accidentally and they buy it but it will not happen all the time.

Friends, this is a big truth –promote your products/services so that audience will see it and if possible, give all of them a DEMO link so that they can use that product for a time.”

Many times I personally visited and search queries like How to start a blog in India but I do not find any good blog that gives you result oriented tips. They tell you many things but none of them is giving you tips to promote your blog.

So, promote your blog content on a daily basis via social media platform, also join different social groups and promote your content. You will get tons of traffic without paying any single dollar.

Do guest posting in others blog so that their audience also know about you. This is the best method to promote your content with other audience, if they like it, they will definitely visit your blog.

Make backlinks by posting your content in different do follow social media websites Here is the best list that I found.

Final Words

Design your blog, write articles with some pillar post and do SEO. These all steps are common and every one is doing same but changes are – Do marketing of your content as more as possible. It is the only way that makes your blog visible to Google’s first-page result and you will earn some decent money online.

Please comment below – for your suggestions and questions.  Here you are learning  step by step guide. How to start a blog in India.

Ta Da

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