How to install WordPress Plugins-Step by Step GUIDE

WordPress is a great content management tool. You can easily setup WordPress in your domain but it need some plugins – they really add some additional functionality in your blog. Here you will learn how to install WordPress plugins easily.

WordPress plugins are used to add more functionality to your WordPress theme.
We can use 3 different methods to install a WordPress plugin.

Keep in mind if you are using so you can’t install any WordPress plugin until you upgrade your plan into a business plan.

Here, we have covered all three methods that can be possible to install your WordPress plugin.

  • WordPress plugin using search
  • Uploading a WordPress plugin and
  • Manually installing any WordPress plugin using FTP

Okay, so let’s start and know how to install WordPress plugins using the search bar-

Install WordPress Plugin using search

Make sure you need to logged-in your admin panel to install all plugins.
Once you successfully logged-in your admin panel click on ‘plugins’ then click on ‘add new’ option.
You will get search option similar to the below image.

How to install WordPress Plugins

Follow all three steps mentioned in the image. Once your search completes using search bar;
You will get all possible results below the search bar.

Choose any one of theme and click on ‘Install Now’ button.
When the plugin will installed, you can see the ‘Install Now’ button will be changed into ‘Activate’ a blue colour button. Click on that button and that’s it.

Your new required WordPress plugin has been installed.

In most cases, you need a free plugin so you can use the above method, it is really easy to use but when you purchase a customized plugin that is not available in the plugin list.
You can use any one from below two methods-

Install WordPress Plugin using Upload Method

Put your plugin folder in your computer’s drive in zip format.
Open your WordPress admin area. Click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘add new’ option.
You will get an option ‘upload plugin’ like below image-

How to Install WordPress Plugins

Then choose your plugin’s zip file and click on the install now button as you can see in the above image.
When plugin installs completely, you will get a resultant screen as below-

Install WordPress Plugins

Click on ‘Activate Plugin’ and that’s it.
You have installed your plugin.

So guys now you are able to install WordPress plugins by two different methods.

Hey where are you going now? – I have one more method for you.

Keep in mind you are learning how to install WordPress plugins – a detailed guide
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Installing WordPress Plugin using FTP

You can install your WordPress plugin by using FTP (file transfer protocol).
If you don’t have enough permission in your WordPress admin area and you can access your website root by FTP.

It is the easiest method to upload any plugin.
You just need to logged-in by FTP client and choose wp-content/ plugins/ folder to upload your plugin.

When plugin uploads successfully, you will see this plugin in your plugin list in admin area.

How to Install a WordPress Plugins

I installed ‘Buddy Press’ by FTP client and it is installed successfully.
Now simply click on the ‘activate’ link as shown in the above image. That’s It.

So folks, today you all learnt how to install WordPress plugins step by step by three different methods.

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Hope that you enjoy all three methods –
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