Many money-making scams are there in the world. When I was just 18, I caught the first scam – that was home based typing job work. I paid that company around Rs. 1500/- for a CD. They give me 7 days to get that back in the form of MS-Word doc. Today, we know the complete process of how to earn money online with Google or its products.

But as I already said, that was a pure SCAM for me.
I received a great experience and 100% scam and a big ZERO. 🙁


I search a lot in the online market and found some great options that can help me to earn a lot of money after doing some smart work.

Below all methods are 100% genuine and under the supervision of GOOGLE (I think you heard the name of company… just joking)

Here is the list of all ways that help you to earn money online with Google:

1. Google AdSense
How to Make Money Online with Google

Official website:

Visit the above link and click on “How it works” menu. You will get info regarding AdSense.

But don’t worry,

Here I am telling you to step by step process to earn money online with Google and its product easily-

AdSense is Google’s advertisement program for blogs, website and forms. You can easily make money online by placing ads on your website or blog.

Google will show ads in your blog as per your niche, once visitor visits your blog and then click on these ads you will get money.

You can apply for AdSense once you register your website or blog and design it completely.

Make sure don’t apply under maintenance blog or website.

Google will manually verify your blog and revert you through e-mail in your registered mail address.

Make sure you write at least 15-20 post in your blog and keep in mind if you have a website that has pornographic content your application will be rejected. Click here to read AdSense content policy

After approval of your website, you can place ads in your blog post and earn money online.

2. AdWords

Official website:

How to Make Money Online with Google

You can earn unlimited money using Google AdWords program by selling services to your clients. Every business needs advertisement, without ads we can’t image any product to sell.

You just need to understand the concept of the AdWords program and sell your service.

I suggest you make your website and sell your services in the Europe market. You will get good money.

3. Keyword Planner

How to Make Money Online with Google

Google’s keyword planner is the part of AdWords but I am considering it separately because It helps you make money online.

The planner is the tool that helps you to find good PPC keywords with low competition.

It also shows you approximate search volume of each keyword in Google’s SERP.

So, sell your service as keyword analytics to your clients or if you are running any blog, it is very beneficial.

You can find some low competition keywords and rank them in SERP and earn money using Google AdSense.

Even you can search some keywords related to any product or services and rank them. Put your affiliate link and earn money easily.

4. YouTube

How to Make Money Online with Google

You can make money by YouTube video making. Blogging and YouTube(ing) both need some patience. After doing smart work for next 6-8 months you will get decent income.

If you are an active user, you know it for a fact that YouTube is one of the handiest sources for any kind of video reference.

From baking a cake to making hand-made toys, learning to dance, yoga, almost every action has a YouTube reference video.

These all videos are generated by us to earn money online. Also, these videos help people as relevant they are searching.

Ok, above all sounds good…

Are you ready to make a YouTube channel and earn money?

Definitely, your answer would be YES but first of all make a loyal audience who will watch your videos consistently.

Once you make a good subscriber base you can earn a decent amount of money. Even you can promote any specific brand that is relevant to your channel and earn money.

When you make your YouTube channel and apply for ads placed in your videos, YouTube has some conditions before applying ads.

You need at least 1000 Subscribers and 4000 minutes of watch time within the last 12 Months.

Happy to get answered your query “Earn Money Online with Google

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many readers may be against but it’s true if Google does not exist, we don’t think about SEO or we can say Google make himself a bot that works under some SEO conditions and rank your website in SERP.

So, if you have in-depth knowledge about Google’s search algorithms you can earn good money.

Evan you can run an SEO consultant business to rank clients blog or website. Companies are searching for a good SEO consultant who helps him to rank in Google. You can earn money by selling your SEO services to your clients.

6. Blogger

How to Make Money Online with Google

Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google like WordPress or Tumbler.

In case you have a specific area of expertise that you can share on a blog platform, you can generate regular content.

It could be on any topic ranging from fashion, lifestyle, travel to investment.

The core idea is to create content that you can write flawlessly and that which generate reasonable viewership.

You can, first of all, optimize the content of your blog. This will help in improving the overall rankings.

You can then associate with AdSense and AdWords to place the most appropriate ads.

Once you start generating a reasonable flow of viewers, you will begin to earn money online with google on every click.

Articles may useful for you:

7. Google Maps

In today’s world, Google Map is the most dependable medium to navigate in known as well as unknown locations.

It is hard to believe that you do not use Google Maps ever. I personally use Google Map a lot. When I visit any new route to catch my clients. It is really helpful.

How to Make Money Online with Google

It is the only Google’s app that I use on daily basis.

But …


Can you believe that you can also make money from this Google app 😊

And best thing is that you don’t need to invest your time especially.

1. Earn money by Location Review

Google Maps will help you make money online by simply enabling you to post the reviews of various locations that you might be visiting using this application. It’s not so hard, you can review easily using an app.

2. Earn money by adding photos

Just click a great pic of your location and update in Google map app. It’s enough to earn money. The biggest advantage is you are not even making an additional effort.

3. Add Missing Locations

So many times when you are checking locations on Google Maps, there are locations that do not get listed. You can help others by updating those locations.

Note: You earn reward points in the Google Map app.

The conclusion of “How to Earn Money Online with Google”

We can make Money Online with Google easily.

We have many options to explore any of these ways to make money with Google…

But that is not all; you can earn money with Google by even selling their physical products like Google Glass or many other Google products.

You can even retail these products online on your website.

You can make money with Google AdSense only when you have a site or blog that has lots of traffic so that the visitors click on the ads and you make money.

Without visitors, nobody clicks on the ads, and so you make no money.

Therefore, you have to be able to create a site or blog that becomes popular and attracts lots of traffic. It is not an easy task to do this.

Therefore, making money with Google needs some special skills and experiences.

So, keep updating.

Please comment on your suggestion and experience after using above services or products in below comment box.

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