What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing relates to promoting your business via digital channels like social media, search engines, emails, mobile apps, etc.

This form of marketing has become so popular mainly because it offers a fast pace of spreading information, easy access to data as well as the low cost of promotional activities.

Interestingly, digital marketing doesn’t relate only to the Internet itself. It also includes mobile messages and apps, electronic billboards, radio, and television.

This kind of marketing is so important as it lets brands not only to earn more money but also to build brand awareness.

People are using mobile devices and consequently mobile apps. And this is a huge opportunity for companies to reach potential clients easily.

digital marketing

Besides its advantages, digital marketing is more a problematic form or advertising than traditional ways like tv commercials.

The freedom of the net is a blessing for people, but it has also become harmful to brands. Nowadays, everybody can open a browser, visit any website and write nasty things about us or give poor reviews of our products and services.

And these bad words may destroy the brand reputation within hours. That is why companies have to make efforts to build a complex marketing system that will help to carry out consistent communication via digital and traditional channels. All these to create a stable brand image.

What’s more, gathering information through all these channels is crucial as it lets brands learn about customers preferences and needs. Such info allows to provide consistent customer experience and develop a relationship with customers.

Additionally, when we talk about building a positive image, marketers should always respond to all questions and most importantly, bad opinion.

The point is that digital content can be easily shared and this feature has both its pros and cons. Every day, we observe a situation that when companies remove negative comments hoping nobody has noticed them.

Nothing more misleading. There is always someone who did a screenshot and finds himself extremely happy to share such content with other users on social media.

Therefore, companies that take care of their brand image, need to respond to all negative comments wisely, leaving all emotions far behind.

Digital marketing strategy

Everyone can use online marketing to promote his brand or product.

  • Social media promotion using Facebook product/brand page or other social media promotions to convert visitors into the lead.
  • The blog is another way to promote your products/services
  • Landing pages are another method that helps you to promote your services

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