Blogger vs WordPress – Best tool for blogging! My Opinion

We have many blogging platforms available in the market but Blogger and WordPress are famous. All have its own merits and demerits. But the majority of the bloggers choose WordPress. Here is the detailed comparision between Blogger vs WordPress.

After reading this post you will be able to understand the difference between Blogspot vs WordPress. It’s all features, merits and demerits. Overall, It helps you to choose a suitable platform.

I personally recommend WordPress. Reasons are mentioned below why I am recommending WordPress over Blogger but you are free to choose Blogger too.

Best platform to start blogging – Blogger vs WordPress

I am telling you all the features of Blogger vs WordPress.  It will help you to make your decision easy.

After going through all aspects of this post, you will be able to choose the best option as per your budget and requirements.

This post is completely dedicated to Blogger vs WordPress. I’m not talking about other options in this post. Later I will make a list of comparison among all CMS.

Understanding Blogger and its Features is completely free blogging platform from Google. You can create your blog easily. Even if you don’t have HTML, CSS and other coding skills.  

Anyone can easily access this free platform using his GMAIL ( account.

You can start writing in your blog from day one without any investment. Below are some keynote features that makes blogger different than WordPress.

Blogger vs. WordPress


1. It’s FREE

It’s completely free, you can use it without paying anything to Google.  Still, Google is not charging to use this service.

2. Custom Design and Customization

It has many layouts, you can choose any one of them and customize it. You can easily change colours, design layout, permalink structure etc.

Many theme providers are also offering custom blogger themes

3. FREE Hosting

Google is offering completely free hosting to blogger platform. You can post unlimited articles on blogger.

Blogger can handle heavy traffic. This makes it more reliable than any other (WordPress) hosting providers. It makes your blog up to 99.99% uptime.

4. Easy to Use and Understand

You can start blogging within the next 5 minutes. It is very easy to use and understand. Programming skill is not required but if you know HTML and CSS, it is a plus point for you.

5. Secured

Security is the main concern of very blog. Always find the best hosting provider if you are using WordPress.

If someone hacks your blog so what you will do?

Don’t worry, Google’s server is secured and no one can hack this easily.  Google maintain all its security features up to date

6. Sub-domain/Domain

You can make your blog using sub-domain in ( You can also use your custom domain name and redirect it to your sub-domain.

7. Easily Adsense Approval

Adsense and blogger both are the product of Google. Google gives weight to blogger if you apply for Adsense.

If you write around 15-20 blog post and apply for Adsense account. Your blog definitely approved.

8. Index blog post faster

This is the big reason many bloggers are using blogger platform. Your all post will be indexed within 24hrs. Google’s crawler crawls your blog within 24hrs  after writing your content.

Above we have explained all features and advantage of blogger platform. Let’s understand why many bloggers don’t use

Some Limitations

  • You can only create 100 blogs per Gmail account. It has limitation to add only 1200 characters in your ‘About Me’ page.
  • Image size in post editor Must be 1600px wide (or) high. If you upload more than 1600px dimension, it will automatically reduce the size to 1600px. Its size should not be more than 8MB
  • You can add images in template background but keep in mind it will reduce your page load speed. So do not use any background image or try a low dimension image.
  • Blogger host subdomain on its own server so you don’t have much control over database or files.
  • You can not use additional plugins or themes as compared to WordPress.
  • Blogger has less ‘tech support’ if you have any issue in your blog.

Understanding WordPress and its Features

WordPress(hosted) is just like as engine that runs your blog. You can directly download it from . WordPress is available in Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali and few other languages.

32% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. As compared to blogger, WordPress has strong development community support.

WordPress provides you with a lot of customization in design and development. You can easily add custom functionalities.

WordPress hosted blogs are SEO friendly. You can do On page SEO easily using Yoast SEO or other plugins.


1. Easy to Install

We can install WordPress easily on Linux or windows hosting. It takes only 10 minutes to install. After successful installation doesn’t forget to save your admin password and user ID for future references.

2. Highly editable design

You can customize WordPress blog design easily using themes and plugins. If you have good knowledge of CSS and HTML, it’s easy to make your custom design.

3. Plugin and themes

WordPress has two different modules, both are used to increase the functionality and design of the blog.

Themes are used to enhance the overall design of the blog. And plugins are used to add specific functionality that is not available in the theme.

You can add more than one plugin in your blog but only one theme can be active in the blog at a time.  

WordPress has millions of free and paid plugins and themes. You can choose your WordPress theme as per design required or niche.

4. Database access

Accessing the database is not required all the time but you can easily access if required. You can make it possible because you are hosting WordPress in your private hosting (server) so it’s easy to access database files.

5. Secured

WordPress is secured so don’t worry about your blog. There are many encryptions that protect from spammers and hackers.  

6. SEO friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly, you can do on-page SEO easily with the help of some SEO plugins. I personally use Yoast Plugin and All-in-One SEO.

If you have a great SEO ready theme so it makes your task easier.

Limitations of WordPress

I think WordPress has no limitations if we go for blogging. It is the best platform ever I used for my blog. It gives you all freedom to choose your design, the development also supports great data migration options.

Please comment me below if you find any limitations in WordPress as compared to blogger. It will be appreciated.

Quick feature wise Blogger vs WordPress Comparison
We can host WordPress blog in our own custom domain as well as our server.We can use our custom domain but we can not host it on our server.
WordPress blogs are more attractive because it has themes and plugins that make your blog eye-catcher. Customization can be possible in blogger but we have not many options.
WordPress have On-page SEO plugins that help you to do SEO more accurately. There are no any such tools are available. You have to do it manually.
You can add your customized code to enhance the functionality of the blogIt does not support this feature, you can change in designs of its available themes as well as it is easy to add your own themes.
Cost wise WordPress is more expensive than blogger. It required a hosting, custom domain and theme (if you look for a premium theme). Blogger wins here, you can at least start your blog without buying anything. You just need a Gmail account and that’s it.
WordPress blog migration is more easier. You can easily migrate your blog from one hosting platform to another without losing your SEO.Migration can possible but with certain limitations. It harms your SEO reputation.

Blogger vs WordPress

1. Authority

Working with full rights makes your experience great. WordPress offers you a full authority in terms of Design, Custom development and database access but blogger does not support it.

You can host your blog with any hosting provider company. As mentioned above you can create only 100 blogger blogs per email account but in the case of WordPress, there are no limitations.

If you have space in hosting account with multiple hosting features so you can host a number of blogs in a single account.  

2. Look & Control

Blogger has only a few templates and it can only change the appearance of the blog.

But we can use themes in WordPress, it is the set of functionalities that super boot your WordPress look and feel. You can add tons of custom functionalities using plugins.

3. Security

Here blogger wins reason Google, yes Google is more secure than any available platform. If your hosting provider makes his server secure so you can imagine that your WordPress blog will not hack otherwise it can be any time. So don’t forget to take your backup on a weekly or monthly basis.

4. Migration

Both platform support migration easily but the blogger can disgrace your year of hard work.

It is very difficult to maintain your SEO with every post.

If you migrate your blogger blog into self-hosted platforms, it might be possible that you will get less traffic as compared to previous.

But if you are using WordPress, don’t even think about it. You can directly migrate your blog with another hosting provider.

They will help you to migrate your whole data with their server. There are lot of plugins that help you to take your WordPress data backup.

5. Update

Google is not active in terms of providing an update on blogger but you will get great feature rich updates every year in WordPress. It is making WordPress more popular than blogger.

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As I already mentioned above that WordPress offers such great SEO plugins that help you to make your on-page SEO easily. But we have to do all SEO setting manually in blogger.

7. Budget

If you are not starting your blog due to budget so I highly recommend you to go with blogger. You have to pay dollars ZERO upfront. Otherwise, WordPress is the best option with tons for features.

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