You can do Affiliate marketing with e-commerce portals or you can choose affiliates as per your blog niche.
You do not mention any niche in your question so I am not sure about your niche and not able to suggest your best option.

If I believe, you want to sell e-commerce products so best option is Amazon. You will get best commission percentage as well as people trust on Amazon. So, it is easy to buy product through your recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing and Advertisers

What is an affiliate program

Make sure if you are running a blog/social media page to sell affiliate products so keep in mind first of all make your subscribers who believe on you as well as your recommendations.

You can choose products from click-bank. It has variety of products and you have a option to choose affiliate as per your niche.

Make sure your blog content is the kind and reader will only come back if your content will give them great value.

Affiliate marketing is the best platform that makes you rich but play with it carefully.

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